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This great adventure began in 1997

A friend offered me a little job for a weekend. I was still at university.

I had to shovel dirt in the streets of old Montreal to recreate a period decor. It was for the filming of The Ghost of Dickens past. Finally, I stayed, I was given odd jobs and from contract to contract I found my place in this universe which suited me and which would never have occurred to me to be made for me.


This is how I pass by being a technician (set dresser), art dept runner, props, asst decorator, decorator and key decorator. The fact of having had to go through these various positions led me to really understand how it works and this gave me incomparable experience to master my work well and know the importance of each works.

For me, each step of creation and each person involved made all the difference on my work and on the result and the pleasure I experience doing it.

​Loving each part of the process from the breakdown of the script to understand each caracters and recreating the worlds that belong to them to finding solutions of shooting schedule and budget to making mood board.

Knowing that every day I will have to learn about a new subject and its nuances stimulates me. Whether it's an  operating room, the White House, the life of a smuggler or a lizard collector, a librarian at the Vatican etc... I'm always happy to push my research and thats what make me love so much my work.

The fact of working in collaboration as much with carpenters, painters, dressmakers, etc. brings me as much their knowledge as forces me to push my creativity further and make me create the life of it.

I love my job and have loved it every day for the past 25 years I realize how lucky I am to be able to do it and still learn from it.

I'd like to think that every details counts, every members of the team and  :) every minutes...

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